Institut Rozvoje Podnikání, s. r. o. provides complex and complementary services by connecting consulting and training activities, constantly monitors market needs and adapts its business strategy accordingly, creates its own Know-How and is governed by the "We teach what we do" principle.


Advisory and Consulting Service

  • Help in founding companies
  • Elaborating Memoranda of Association
  • Consulting in the field of the Trade Act
  • Processing new business plans
  • Assessing the suitability of business plans
  • Processing applications for bank loans
  • Possibilities for obtaining and connecting to the supportive programmes of ČMZRB, a.s.
  • Alternative financing of entrepreneurial projects
  • Financial analyses and compiling a financial plan
  • Evaluating the standing of business partners


Subsidies from EU Funds

  • Help in obtaining supports from the EU Structural Funds
  • Help in managing projects from the EU Structural Funds
  • Implementing selection procedures according to the rules of the EU operational programmes


Accountancy and Taxes

  • Help in introducing the bookkeeping in companies
  • Continuous and single checking of accountancy agenda
  • Processing the financial statements
  • Accountancy related consulting and taxes
  • Evaluating the taxable period development
  • Processing the taxable period
  • Processing the financial statements


Marketing and Management

  • Establishing the marketing consultancy services
  • Introducing various forms of marketing in companies
  • Competitor and customer analysis  
  • Selecting a suitable form and manner of offering and sale of goods
  • Marketing audit
  • Crisis management
  • Cost management  
  • HR management
  • Training need analysis



  • Implementing re-qualification courses
  • Implementing skill-focused courses according to requirements and needs of employers
  • Implementing motivation courses for the needs of the Labour Office of the Moravian-Silesian Region
  • Implementing soft skill courses for the needs of the Labour Office of the Moravian-Silesian Region