Prospective Way

On the basis of the application for financial support from the Uniform Programme Document for Goal 3 of the NUTS 2 region, the Capital of Prague (JPD 3), the Prospective Way - by Education and Individual Consulting to Active Assertion in the Labour Market for Long-term Unemployed Persons or Persons Endangered with Long-term Unemployment" project was approved upon the selection commission decision of the Labour Office of the Capital of Prague at the maximum financial support to a grant project of CZK 4, 870, 972.00 on 22 December 2006.

It is an 18 months´ project of the 1.1 JPD 3 - ESF measure which is implemented by the subsidy beneficiary, TEMPO TRAINING CONSULTING s. r.o. from 1 January 2007 - 30 June 2008.


Project Goals

The main goal of the PROSPECTIVE WAY project is to increase the effect of active employment policy for long-term unemployed persons and persons endangered with long-term unemployment and in particular for those who belong among disadvantaged groups in the labour market (pregnant women, nursing mothers, persons taking care of a child up to 15 years of age). During the project implementation participants will be provided with both computer and general education aiming at increasing the level of assertion in the labour market (Successful Verbal Communication, Assertive Conduct, Time Management, How to Present Convincingly, Communication in Difficult Situations), education focused on the development of their own entrepreneurial activities (Basis of Doing Business), and education improving their skills in  professional language knowledge (Professional English).


Purpose of the project

The projects puts high importance to consulting which is provided by personnel agencies, the Czech Women Association and the Institute for Business development in case of consulting concerning one´s own business. The consulting provided by one of the agencies also includes job diagnostics of project participants focused on potential future professional orientation. During the whole consulting period the emphasis will be put on individual approach to every participant. A new tool of active employment policy is assuring baby-sitting for project participants who will take part in the education or consulting. This activity will be ensured by project partners. An intention is to submit an interesting form of education through accredited courses, raise interest in life-long education and thus improve prevention to unemployment of the selected target group. Within the project, partnership with NVF, o. p. s. has been established which ensures the evaluation and monitoring part of the project.


Project partners

Institut rozvoje podnikání (Institute for Business Development), the MAJORA personnel agency, Dana Dvořáková - MaxiJOB, Balónek Mothers´ Club, Barrandov Cultural and Maternity Centre, Czech Women Association, Národní vzdělávací fond, o.p.s. (National Educational Fund)