Enterprising Women

Project Description

A predecessor of the Enterprising Woman project is the Active Woman project of Phare 2003 RLZ (www.aktivni-zena.cz) which was implemented from 04/2005 to 04/2006.  An impulse to compile another project was the target group of the Active Woman project which we wanted to offer further education focused on the support to their business activities, and to offer, in addition to e-learning education,  "live" education where women would come into direct contact with lecturers in courses and professionals in the development of business activities.


Project Goals

The goal of the ENTERPRISING WOMAN project is to support women, especially businesswomen-beginners and women entering the labour process by which it contributes to removing barriers in the labour market and to the prevention of unemployment. The main tool for attaining this goal is 8+1 logically integral educational modules consisting of 36 courses in total and continuing e-learning modules intended for self-study at home or elsewhere. Educational courses will be conducted using an interactive method and will always be accompanied by consulting activities provided by experienced partner organisations.


Target Group

The target group consists of mothers with small children, single mothers, long-term unemployed women, women endangered with unemployment, women with basic education or with no education, pre-pension age women or entrepreneurs-beginners.


The project is tied up with the Internet portal where all e-learning modules will be located. E- learning will prepare women for future business and employment activity, improve their adaptability in the labour market, support their image, self-confidence, skills and knowledge so that their equal opportunities and price in the labour market increase. This cycle of trainings will be implemented as "live" in 4 regions with the highest rate of unemployment (the Ústí nad Labem, Moravian-Silesian, South Moravian, Olomouc regions). For more information on terms of these educational workshops focusing on women and development of their enterprising, please check this link.


During the project, the major part of activities focused on analyses and labour market monitoring with regard to equal opportunities and the ENTERPRISING WOMAN project impact evaluation on target groups will be carried out.