Do Business/Work from Home!

The Do Business/Work from Home! project is intended for selected target groups the return of which to the labour market is highly complicated due to a negative approach of employers to employing persons taking care of a child. The way to return in the labour market is often the way of self-employment - starting business either in the form of a classical business, or by doing business via the Internet. Another possibility how to assert oneself in the labour market is to work from home.

Courses converted to the e-learning environment and implemented as Blended learning (a combination of direct teaching and e-learning) will be prepared for the target groups of the project as follows:

Doing Business,

Doing Business on the Internet

In addition, a computer course will be prepared and implemented to acquire or renew computer skills.

Another activity of the project is the continuing consulting services related to project participants´ own business plans and the manner of performing work from home.