About us

Institut Rozvoje Podnikání, s. r. o. is a consultancy, advisory, educational and re-qualification organisation providing its services particularly to:

  • Potential entrepreneurs
  • Beginning and established small and medium-sized entrepreneurs
  • Companies  
  • Entities and institutions willing to improve their position in the market   
  • Municipalities  
  • Regional authorities and institutions  
  • International and multinational institutions supporting enterprising



Our mission is to ensure our clients successful operation in the markets of labour, services, know-how, products and capital by our activity. We would like to enable access to these quality services (especially to small and medium-sized clients and economically weaker clients) by search and procurement of sufficient sources of financing.



IRP, s. r. o. is a consultancy entity which adopts the Code of Ethics of a Professional Consultant declared by the Consulting Association.

IRP, s. r. o.
is a consultancy organization engaged in the Regional Consulting and Information Centre (RPIC) network in the Czech Republic supported by PHARE.

IRP, s. r. o.
is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic as a training and re-qualification centre.

IRP, s. r. o.
is one of the founders and partners of BIC Ostrava, s. r. o. included in the Business Innovation Centre network within the European Union.

IRP, s. r. o.
is an educational institution for entrepreneurs and managers following from requirements for high expertise and professionalism of all lecturers.

IRP, s. r. o.
is a regional centre of the British KNOW HOW Fund - Training of Management Trainers.

IRP, s. r. o.
is a founder of the Private Higher Professional School of Enterprising (Soukromé vyšší odborné školy podnikatelské, s.r.o.)

IRP, s. r. o.
closely collaborates with more than 40 experienced consultants working in various fields (business development, finances and taxes, accountancy, marketing, trade, banking, HR management, management, strategic management etc.).

IRP, s. r. o.
offers wide experience, high level of expertise and professionalism which can be proven by its participation in the PHARE programmes (EU), UNIDO, British Know How Fund programmes, and the National Educational Fund programmes.

IRP, s. r. o.
forms part of the Enterprise Business Solutions Central Europe, an international network of consulting organisations.